A Note From Our President

Dear Sisters:
I was going for a walk on Ring Mountain, the open space preserve near my house; I was feeling mixed up. Reflecting on how I was not sure I was where I should be in life, or could be, thinking about what I should be doing, wondering why the outside of me was not the way I thought I was supposed to be, and not sure who I was on the inside. I was sure I was not the person I used to be, but then I wasn’t sure who I had become. Basically, I was a mess.


I walked past an old broken down fence that I’ve passed many times. It used to be part of a long fence but only a section remained. For some reason I noticed it looked like a giant, low slung letter “H”.  I stopped. I stared.  It shouted at me. “H”! Here! Hineni.  


At that moment the fence taught me all I needed to know. This is where we are. Right now. It may not be what we imagined it would be but this is where we all are right at this moment. There is plenty that is imperfect but there is so much beauty and so much love.


Right now I am feeling grateful to be here, in this community, in this broken but still magnificent time with you. Stronger together. 

Susan Goldwasser, President WRS

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