August 2015, from our president


Hi Ladies,

This has been quite an historic summer. The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. #lovewins has been on my mind. I learned that the Women of Reform Judaism have been advocating for civil rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation since 1965. It took the Supreme Court 50 years to catch up to us!

I’ve been thinking about what relationships with our significant others, families, congregations, and communities might look like if we could really embrace “love wins.” I’m trying to imagine how society could be influenced if we truly made love a priority. What if the measure of success, obtaining the championship trophy, meant more love in the world? It feels really overwhelming trying to visualize love as being a commodity that could matter enough to be on the agenda. But still, if we could treat each other with respect, recognize each others’ unique qualities and embrace differences, it would improve every aspect of our lives.

Rather than taking on the universe, how about if for right now we take a breath, enjoy the Supreme Court decision and spend some time together. Make a new friend, deepen current friendships. Join us at a swim party on August 9th at my home. Join the CRS Congregational Women’s Mikvah at the JCC on August 30th.  We invite you all to feel the love that exists right here in our own community at Women of Rodef Sholom.

~Susan Goldwasser, WRS President

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