WRS Women’s Retreat — Westerbeke Ranch — May 4-6, 2018

WOMEN’S RETREAT  at Westerbeke Ranch

May 4-6, 2018   

Enjoy a weekend of gourmet meals, Shabbat services, workshops, hiking, reading, soaking in the hot tub, creating new friendships and just relaxing in the beautiful setting of Westerbeke Ranch.

Enjoy the gourmet food with fabulous women!

Shabbat morning service (Aliyah: Board members)
Campfire singing
This year we are limited to 28 full-weekend participants.  First come, first served.  Your reservation is not confirmed until your payment is received.
Participation is limited to WRS members only.  If you haven’t already done so, you will have the opportunity to update your dues at registration.
Questions contact Judy Bloomberg

WRS Games Night: Poker, Mahj and More — Saturday, April 28th at 7:00 Temple Social Hall

POKER, MAJ & MORE Saturday, April 28th  at 7 pm   Temple Social Hall

Entry fee: $36
 (this is a fund-raiser)
1 bar drink
snacks, desserts, beverages
and FUN!
This event supports the Tikkun Olam fund*
Silent Auction includes:
  • Golf at the Meadow Club
  • Private Pilates class
  • Art work
  • More!

Invite your friends

Bring your own team or join a team to play a variety of games
Have a fun night out and support a great cause


If you’d like to bake a favorite dessert, or help with this one event, contact Hannah Panger (preferred) or call (650) 743-4107.

Comments From the Clergy

Dear Friends,

 A few weeks ago, we put out a call to participate in this year’s Hamilton-themed Purim Schpiel.  Who would have thought that 25 Rodef Sholom congregants ranging in ages from 7 to 70-years old would come out to participate??  When we gathered on that first evening, I posed an opening question: Why did you come here tonight?
The answers varied from, “I LOVE Hamilton!” and “I love Purim at Rodef Sholom and Hamilton and you’re saying that I could do both together??” to “In this new year, I resolved to have more fun, and this is a great way to do that,” and “Last year was great so why not?”
It’s true – Purim is a holiday of joy and celebration, and an opportunity to come together, to sing, to dance the night away, and to join together as a community.  We laugh, we dress up, and we sometimes push ourselves past our comfort zones to tell the Story of Esther.  Whether it’s the masks we wear or the costumes we put on, there is something about those changes we make that empower us to something we might not be every other day.
And perhaps it is up to us during this time at which we might turn outward to celebrate with others, to really take a moment to turn inward and look at ourselves.  How can we empower ourselves, not only by putting on masks and adorning lavish costumes, but also when we are simply ourselves?  What does it take for each of us to feel like we can make a difference by being who we are, not as something we are pretending to be?
I am so looking forward to celebrating Purim with all of you on Wednesday evening February 28th.  Let’s all resolve to have more fun, to join together in song, in dance, in joy and laughter, and in all that Purim allows us to be on a night that is different from all others.
Rabbi Lara


A Note From Our President

Dear Sisters:
The Women’s March on January 20th was joyous!  It was so exciting marching with thousands of people.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have the opportunity to gather and express our views.  There were children carrying signs saying “let’s make America KIND again.”  People brought their dogs.  Babies were in push strollers.
We felt empowered knowing we have the ability to vote.  We have different opinions, views, ideas, political affiliations, but we ALL get to vote.  We can be heard.  In the midst of turmoil, government shutdown, divisiveness, I’m remembering Sylvia Boorstein’s words about how to find balance.  Gratitude!
Susan Goldwasser, President WRS

Susan Goldwasser, President WRS

In the Gift Shop

This striking Tree of Life necklace, in many colors and several shapes, is American made.  Come on in, try it on and take it home.
Gift Shop hours from Now through 5/27
Mon – Thurs 10am-3pm
Friday 11:30-2pm
Saturday closed
Sunday 10-12:30
Start thinking about what you need for Passover, it’s coming soon and the Gift Shop is stocking up!
Shop at the Gift Shop, it 
supports WRS!
The Gift Shop carries beautiful items to give as Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts, Wedding gifts, Hostess gifts, etc., and of course, cards!
Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Feed your Jewish soul
Come shop with us – and support WRS at the same time!

We are located in the lobby of the Osher Marin JCC

Call for Service:
This Gift Shop is in need of volunteers.  We all want the Gift Shop to be open as much as possible for our convenience.  Did you know that it is staffed entirely by volunteers?  Do you have 3 hours to give to this valuable service?
Please contact Ingrid Tolson



2016 Women’s Retreat recap

2016 Women’s Retreat

A reflection of a beautiful Shabbat written for the Women of Rodef Sholom sisterhood at our annual retreat, read by the author to her sisters by the fireside.

Here, it is Good

by D.L. Lang

Far away from the city now,
reconnecting to our souls and how!
Wandering this rainbow floral wonderland
as wind chimes ring a calming song
beneath prayer flags
whose messages of peace do freely wave
in multilingual unity—
a clue to how the world should be.

Here, it is good.
We stand together as women
before God,
barefoot in the sanctuary,
singing with our hearts out,
connecting to the energy and serenity of love.

The mealtime bells do ring along,
as we embrace in holy sing-a-longs.
Nights of singing Jewish, folk,
and country songs,
gathered cross-legged
in a round barn.

The birds are giving
concerts of their own
as sisters sing
with angelic voices, echoing
into the heavens.

Like each bird with our unique notes to bring,
gathered here to pray and sing
for peace and goodness
as we pause from travelling
the labyrinths of our lives
as loving daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives.

Sitting by the fire pit,
reveling in the simple joy of it.
The sweet smell of smoke rises in the air
like the hopes and dreams that we all share.
United as sisters we all will stay,
trying to be holy
in these fleeting days,
admiring those who came before us
and ignited the way.

On this ranch we adore the food,
but what tastes so sweet as sisterhood?

2016 Mother’s Day Gift Fair recap

Mother’s Day Gift Fair at Venetia Valley Family Center

The Women of Rodef Sholom organized their third annual Mother’s Day Gift Fair at the Venetia Valley Family Center (at Venetia Valley School). Jewelry and scarves were donated by CRS members for last year’s annual Jewelry Sale (also to benefit Venetia Valley School). Not everything was sold last year, so the best items were displayed at a ’boutique’ set up by WRS members and mothers from Venetia Valley School on May 4. First grade teachers brought their students to the sale to make gift selections for their mothers which were then wrapped to take home on May 6.

This program earned WRS the Gold Or Ami award from the Women of Reform Judaism in November of 2015.


Sisterhood Shabbat, May 18, 2018

Sisterhood Shabbat, 7:30 (late service)

Join the Congregation to welcome Shabbat, led by the Women of Rodef Sholom.  This service promises to be songful, spiritual and special! Once a year WRS leads the Shabbat services and we are honored to do it again on May 20th at 7:30 (late service).  Bring your family and friends to help celebrate this wonderful evening.  No rsvp necessary.

If you wish to be involved in the planning of this lovely event, please email:  wrs@rodefsholom.org and put Sisterhood Shabbat in the Subject line.


Mother’s Day Mitzvah, May 4 & 6

Mother’s Day Mitzvah at Venetia Valley School

The Women of Rodef Sholom are organizing another Mother’s Day gift giving experience for all of the first graders at Venetia Valley School. Please go through your jewelry, scarves, and handbags to see if there’s anything you haven’t used in the last year that you would be willing to donate to this project. If you find items, you can drop them off at the temple office. Or (preferably) use the form below to contact Hannah Panger and drop your items off at her house.

We are also looking for volunteers on two days:

  • 5/4-volunteer to help set up the boutique in the morning at the Venetia Valley Family Center
  • 5/6-volunteer to hlep the children choose a gift for their moms

This program earned WRS the Gold Or Ami award from the Women of Reform Judaism in November of 2015. Please help to keep it successful!