Comments From the Clergy

Dear Friends,

 A few weeks ago, we put out a call to participate in this year’s Hamilton-themed Purim Schpiel.  Who would have thought that 25 Rodef Sholom congregants ranging in ages from 7 to 70-years old would come out to participate??  When we gathered on that first evening, I posed an opening question: Why did you come here tonight?
The answers varied from, “I LOVE Hamilton!” and “I love Purim at Rodef Sholom and Hamilton and you’re saying that I could do both together??” to “In this new year, I resolved to have more fun, and this is a great way to do that,” and “Last year was great so why not?”
It’s true – Purim is a holiday of joy and celebration, and an opportunity to come together, to sing, to dance the night away, and to join together as a community.  We laugh, we dress up, and we sometimes push ourselves past our comfort zones to tell the Story of Esther.  Whether it’s the masks we wear or the costumes we put on, there is something about those changes we make that empower us to something we might not be every other day.
And perhaps it is up to us during this time at which we might turn outward to celebrate with others, to really take a moment to turn inward and look at ourselves.  How can we empower ourselves, not only by putting on masks and adorning lavish costumes, but also when we are simply ourselves?  What does it take for each of us to feel like we can make a difference by being who we are, not as something we are pretending to be?
I am so looking forward to celebrating Purim with all of you on Wednesday evening February 28th.  Let’s all resolve to have more fun, to join together in song, in dance, in joy and laughter, and in all that Purim allows us to be on a night that is different from all others.
Rabbi Lara


A Note From Our President

Dear Sisters:
The Women’s March on January 20th was joyous!  It was so exciting marching with thousands of people.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have the opportunity to gather and express our views.  There were children carrying signs saying “let’s make America KIND again.”  People brought their dogs.  Babies were in push strollers.
We felt empowered knowing we have the ability to vote.  We have different opinions, views, ideas, political affiliations, but we ALL get to vote.  We can be heard.  In the midst of turmoil, government shutdown, divisiveness, I’m remembering Sylvia Boorstein’s words about how to find balance.  Gratitude!
Susan Goldwasser, President WRS

Susan Goldwasser, President WRS