Healing Leslie

WRS member Leslie Goldgehn is recovering from a tragic car accident in March. She is not yet able to drive so needs help getting to (mostly) doctor’s appointments. She has set up a CaringBridge account to organize the help she needs and to keep family and friends updated on her recovery. Below is her message from her site. Please sign up and help out when you can.

Welcome to my CaringBridge site. Linda Hearne and I have created it to keep my friends and family updated on my recovery and to let you know how you could help me out, if you have the time. In case you don’t know already, I was in a serious car crash in Houston on March 10. I have been home almost two months and am adjusting to an almost independent life. My injuries were very serious and I am working very hard on my recovery. I have a fabulous physical therapist who is helping to minimize my pain. I have a strict exercise schedule that I try to maintain at home. Tucker, my  dog, is  a godsend in demanding his walk and cuddle time every day. In addition to this message, I have sent a schedule out to you with times and dates of various appointments as well as tasks that I need help with.  If you have the time I would very much appreciate it if you would sign up to drive me to appointments, come over to help me with planning (still a challenge for me), or just going out for lunch, dinner or a walk. My neck, wrist and back 8 ribs were broken, and I suffered a serious concussion. I’m recovering one step at a time and my children and friends have been wonderful. If you are able to help, please sign up on Caring Bridge and thank you so much ahead of time. Love, Leslie