Our Mission Statement
Women of Rodef Sholom – Sisterhood (WRS) ) is an organization of women who join together to promote the general well-being of our Reform Jewish congregation, foster tikkun olam/social action, and create opportunities for individual growth through study, spirituality and social activities.

What is Sisterhood?
The Women of Rodef Sholom is a Sisterhood member of the Women of Reform Judaism and is an organization for all women, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who want to promote the well being of our Reform Jewish Congregation.  We promote and support social action, and create opportunities for personal growth through social activities, study, prayer and worship and acts of lovingkindness.

Sisterhood is the organization of the Women of Rodef Sholom, who come together for friendship, social activities, study, programming that benefits the community, and above all, for the growth of the individual so that each may find an opportunity to fulfill her potential as a person and as a woman in our community.

Sisterhood provides the arena for each woman to expand and grow in a Jewish atmosphere. It is a channel for the energies for each member.   In short, you will be able to open new doors for yourself, leading to new avenues of opportunity achievement and enrichment.

Why Sisterhood?

Sisterhood is the collective presence, voice and strength of women within the structure of the congregation. It provides the setting in which women meet and work together for the congregation, developing projects in which they are interested and wish to be involved.  Sisterhoods cooperate with other community organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish to achieve faster and more effective results.

Who are the Sisterhood Women?
The Sisterhood Woman has many different faces.  She is mother, wife, daughter, and sister in her family circle.  She is a member of our congregation, a local community, a nation, the world and the world Jewish community. In fulfilling herself, she must play each one of these roles because they add up to the total woman.  The Sisterhood woman is resourceful.   She is educated to Jewish ideals and values and wants to translate them into practical fact to achieve constructive solutions.

What does Sisterhood do?

Sisterhood includes activities and programs that its members feel would be valuable to them, their families, to their congregation and the communities. Member’s skills, talents and drive have enabled them to participate in many areas including religious school, youth group, the creation of prayer and music, programs for seniors well as a myriad of Community Projects.  The weight of the opinion of Women of Reform Judaism is made known in world affairs through its United Nations affiliation and in national affairs through advocacy.  We are proud to be a part of Women of Reform Judaism, which has over 800,000 members in more than 500 Sisterhoods worldwide.

Please consider joining us as we support Congregation Rodef Sholom and its many wonderful projects, social action concerns and youth and senior activities while catering to the women of the community. If you are interested in joining Women of Rodef Sholom, please contact us at WRS@RodefSholom.org.