December 2016, from our president

Decades before Hillary’s campaign adopted the tag line, Women of Reform Judaism’s motto has been “stronger together”.

I recently visited the new Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture. It is a powerful place explaining the horrors of slavery. It details how our colonial society, economy and very infrastructure were literally built on the backs of slave labor. 12 of our first 18 presidents were slave owners. You learn about the experience of the Civil War, Segregation, Jim Crow laws, lynchings from the perspective of the people most affected. You walk into a slave cabin. You see chains and shackles.

Just when you’re so devastated you’re ready to collapse, you finally reach the top floor and see Oprah’s couch from her TV set! A full on shrine to President Obama! The extraordinary musical, sports, cultural, scientific contributions of African Americans on display!

I walked out and saw the sunset behind the Washington Monument. A wave of shock overcame me as I reflected on the fact that our president elect has chosen white supremacists as advisers. I wanted support to keep from reeling over. I reached out and held my daughter’s hand. Just over five feet, a towering pixie queen of hope and optimism, sparkling bright.

Stronger together, we remain determined to continue to do what we can to bring love and light into our world.

~Susan Goldwasser
President, Women of Rodef Sholom

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