February 2017, from our president

Trivia is not trivial

This is a tumultuous time during the transition from one administration to the next: protests, storms, flooding, work, school…life. It is easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. We worry about our children, our nation’s political direction and the safety and well being of Israel.

I wanted to let you know the Women of Rodef Sholom are doing a few things to make our community and world a happier place.

Come join us at Trivia Night on Saturday, February 4th at 7 in the Social Hall. We will eat and drink, kibbetz, laugh, learn, get a little competitive about important facts, purchase amazing bargains at the silent auction, and enjoy being with each other.

Community is something that we have to celebrate. No weather or political administration can stop us from knowing we have always been, and always will be, stronger together.

~Susan Goldwasser
President, Women of Rodef Sholom

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