February 2017, from the clergy

Greetings to the women of Rodef Sholom.

Recently “Rilla”, the female guide-dog breeder I have been taking care of, reversed roles with me. I have been suffering from a case of shingles. Rilla has become a companion dog, always by my side, always ready to give love and comfort. She can sense the pain and discomfort I’m going through, and she has a calming influence, helping me to feel better.

Sometimes experiencing pain and suffering can be a pathway to gratitude for when our mind and body is functioning well. This week we started to chant and study from the book of Exodus. As we meet Moses, we learn that despite his self-doubt he takes on the mantel of leadership and steps into a new role. What fierce courage it must have taken to approach the Pharaoh and demand he let the Hebrew slaves go.

Moses willingness to lead stands as an inspiration to so many women from our congregation who have answered the call, joining sisterhood and offering their skills to make our community a better and holier place.

As we move from slavery to freedom to revelation may we find ourselves ever grateful for good health and eternal love.

~Cantor David

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