join The Gift Shop management team

For some years now I’ve been the manager and buyer for The Gift Shop backed up by a strong supporting cast.

  • Fanny Stein has been my right hand woman
  • Joanna Berland our fantastic treasurer, who has had to put up with my incompetency in way too many ways and is still my dear friend
  • Dodi Friedenberg has taken on the fun part – Volunteer Coordinator – and stepped into the big shoes of Jenn Levine who took us into the digital age
  • Leslie Laskin-Reese has helped us create our ads, our WRS and CRS written presence and is personally responsible for creating the Gift Shop “look”

This is truly a team effort and I do very little without consulting the team. But managing and buying are both big jobs and I can only continue doing one. It will come as no surprise that I’ll keep the buying job – who wouldn’t? So now we need someone to take on the manager’s role.

In a nutshell, this is what you will do:

  • Purchase supplies as needed – cash register rolls, tape, pens, tags
  • Keep in contact with JCC as needed
  • Trouble shoot the cash register (oy) and keep the Square credit card reader humming along
  • Make sure shop is spick and span – we all know I need to attack the pile of boxes behind the counter!
  • Coordinate the February volunteer thank you luncheon
  • Help new volunteers learn the ropes and be able to train them
  • Kindly remind me if I’ve failed to purchase something
  • Coordinate a thank you volunteer luncheon in November where volunteers also learn about new Hanukkah items so they’re familiar with what we’ll be selling.
  • Attend once a month WRS board meeting and report on the status of the Gift Shop – however, this job can be shared with a few of us on the team
  • Attend a once a year budget meeting where the WRS budget is hammered out – always an informative gathering of terrific people
  • Have a forward looking vision for what the Gift Shop must be for all our community no matter their economic status
  • Decide if a purchase can be returned and under what circumstances

There’s probably more but them’s the highlights.

Does this sound like you or someone that you know? Pay is in thanks and kind words from our grateful customers. If you are interested in talking about this further, please call the gift shop and leave me a message. 415-444-8098.


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