Maccabee Santa and other sweet joy

when Maccabees weren’t

photo courtesy
photo courtesy

I love Kaiser Permanente and especially the cardiology department. And, why does this have anything to do with chocolate Maccabees & Hanukkah? Because when my newly acquired cardiologist told me it was doctor’s orders to eat a square of high quality, 70% or more cacao chocolate every day, I didn’t much mind that I also had to take those new meds! I just love Kaiser…how cool.

I also decided that we would only carry high quality chocolate in the Gift Shop so our customers would smile too. We wouldn’t carry the little, chocolate Maccabee soldiers. They’re just not the same yumminess when you tear off their foil and pop them into your mouth.

Until just the other day someone wrote an article that they had unfoiled a Maccabee and took a good look…who does that? What this person found was so Jewish-news-worthy that it showed up in The Forward! Under the Maccabee foil was a very naked, very chocolaty Santa Claus….so I got right on it and have ordered 144 little Maccabee soldiers (144 divided by 18 = 8 – the distributor chose the number not me).

photo courtesy
photo courtesy

Run right in to The Gift Shop and grab some! Getting undressed has never been this much fun.

other sweet treats

Stuck inside because who wants to go out and get chilly or wind-blown or wet? Using silicon molds, bake Hanukkah goodies or freeze or chill a Hanukkah treat for family, friends or just for you to dig into using The Gift Shop’s silicon dreidel or Star of David silicon muffin molds or ice cream molds or Jello or whatever.

Here’s an extremely peppy young lady who’s not afraid to show you how it’s done.  Enjoy the video, grab the keys and drive on down to The Gift Shop for your very own molds.


Wouldn’t mind if you shared your successes on this blog…just use the comments below. And maybe even bring a sample into The Shop!  We’d love that.

~Ronna Voorsanger
The Gift Shop manager




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