matzah lollipops…seriously

Oh, My Gosh! Passover is coming fast…April 22 is the first night.

Searching for an appropriate video to share with you was quite a journey – my goodness, what passes for good taste these days!  Worse than bitter herbs! One of the first videos was, I kid you not, ‘Passover 2016 (April) 70 + 1260 years ending NOW’ (by someone named 9Nania….whatever that means). The description begins, ‘2016 marks the end of both 70 and 1260 years when the Bible says the meteorite will hit. Passover 2016 occurs on the exact 70th anniversary….’. I’d already checked out at ‘meteorite’.

Then I found one of those cute, kid-made videos by a brother/sister team for what they called a ‘matzah cookie ball’. They tried making these with chocolate chips….no, sorry, not for this blog. An atrocious way to ruin perfectly good chocolate!

I did find a video to share. But before we get to that, here are a few items we’ve got in The Gift Shop for Passover….besides of course seder plates, Miriam and Elijah cups, clear acrylic matzah holders, spatulas, frog shaped ice cubes, cookbooks….

Check out our totally fun, new this year, knee high Passover socks. Can you deny you want these? You’ve got eight days and then some to share some Passover fun…they’re a great gift for granddaughters, daughters, moms, friends.
Then there are Marzipops! Marzipan frogs and matzah on sticks. We know how to do Jewish cute. We’ve only ordered thirty to see if you’re interested so don’t dawdle…come in and grab a few while we’ve got them. We will order more if there is interest but can’t guarantee they’ll get here before April 22.

So, nu, what did I choose for this month’s video? Joan Rivers and Martha Stewart making matzah houses. Although I’m a very proper and perhaps prudish person from last century, the bit with Joan Rivers and flat matzah had me plotzing. And when Joan used the B-word on Martha, well let’s just say it’s worth twenty minutes of your life. Besides, those decorated matzah look pretty tasty!

Enjoy the video, laugh a lot and come by the shop and fill up a bag to take home for Passover.

The Gift Shop manager


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