November 2015, from the clergy

Dear Women of Rodef Sholom,

As I prepare for my sabbatical leave it is with a twinge of sadness that I face being away from Congregation Rodef Sholom for an extended period of time. Yet there is much joy and wonder at getting up each day without the responsibilities of Cantor.

So many questions cross my mind:

  • How will all my b’nei mitzvah students manage without my guidance and support?
  • Who will chant the prayers at services?
  • How will the Shabbat musicians find the music they need?
  • Who among us in need of healing?

But the biggest questions I have are:

  • Who am I when my job isn’t defining me?
  • Will I be happy when I’m taking a break from doing what I love?

It is those questions that I most want to answer, and work through because discovering that will guide me when I return to be an even better human being, father, husband, and Cantor.

Thank you all for your patience and love and support as I take this time away from all my duties.

May we all go from strength to strength.

~Cantor David Margules

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