Opening Tea
“Rabbi Stacy Friedman in conversation with Sylvia Boorstein”
A discussion about resilience in turbulent times.  How mindfulness can help keep us balanced when the world around us seems out of balance.
What a fabulous afternoon, attended by almost 100 people!  How timely the subject matter.  No doubt that the attendees left feeling uplifted, hopeful and certainly more connected to many others who feel as they do.  A great community building afternoon, with a wonderful High Tea as well.
CLICK HERE to see some “words of wisdom” from Rabbi Stacy and Sylvia
Yasher Koach and a huge thank you to Cynthia Boyd, VP Programming, and her team, for providing such a wonderful event.  


Thanks to Lucy Schneidman for hosting this lovely day wherein we learned, planned and connected.  By building relationships, we build a better Sisterhood.
 We are Stronger Together!
A discussion of the WRJ (Women of Reform Judaism) and WRJ PD (Pacific District) was held.
CLICK HERE to see the terms used by the WRJ.
CLICK HERE to see the resources offered by the WRJ to Sisterhoods.

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