September 2016, from our president

At the CRS Elul Retreat I took a walk and looked up while in a grove of redwood trees. It cannot only be invisible roots supporting these massive redwoods. It is also the light, pulling up the crowns, sustaining upright trees with ever present hope that tomorrow can be brighter and higher.

When troubled, my inner strength sustains me. But it is the love in my life that holds me up. I am no redwood but I stand tall knowing I have roots and sky supporting me.

~Susan Goldwasser, 8/27/16

We have the privilege of voting!

Dear Sisters, We are fortunate to be members of Women of Reform Judaism. WRJ has been a champion of Pay Equity, Marriage Equality and Gun Safety. Please read what our organization is doing to convince our law makers to keep us safe. We encourage all of our members to vote so our voices can be heard.

~Susan Goldwasser
President, Women of Rodef Sholom

WRJ Issues 2016: Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence has filled the news in recent weeks, sparking a national debate about the plethora of guns in our society and the ease with which people can obtain them. These are deep seated issues that impact our communities and require serious attention by our elected leaders. Yet, despite the public outcry that follows mass shootings like those in Orlando and Dallas, there has been little legislative activity to address the growing list of tragedies. Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Pulse – these names have become metaphors for the gun violence in America that seems out of control.

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