September 2016, from the clergy

The month of Elul begins on September 4 this year giving us a full month to prepare spiritually for the high holy days.
It is a time of introspection and searching our souls to find a goodly path.

According to Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, “the urge to take a look back is prompted by a spiritual disquiet rather than a guilty feeling.
Indeed, we feel as if we are no longer the right person in the right place, we feel that we are becoming outsiders in a world whose scheme of things has escaped us.”

Consider a “return” you would make if you could to a former time or place in your life. How could you approach things differently? Are there friends or family you would like to apologize to?

Take the time before Rosh Hashanah to examine yourself and strive to make things right.

~Shana Tova,
Cantor David

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