Sing the Beatles – Sat 11/18 @ 7:30 PM

Osher Marin JCC presents: Sing the Beatles WITH THE QUARRY PERSONS! Saturday – November 18 @ 7:30 PM

CRS Sisterhood Special – $10 Tickets! (advance online purchase only)
Bring family & friends to “Pub J” for a fun evening of singing along to your favorite Beatles songs! The Quarry Persons (featuring our very own Amy Friedricks!) will perform live onstage.
The Quarry Persons have led standing room only “Sing the Beatles” events for the San Francisco Free Folk Festival for several years, have rocked the Kensington Circus Pub, and their most recent event at Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage sold out!
The Hoytt will be set up pub style with concessions inside, cabaret table seating (special tables will be set aside for Sisterhood tickets!) and cozy couches in the back. Lyrics will be projected overhead to maximize participation and fun!
Sing, dance, and move to the groove of your favorite Beatles songs. Here’s your opportunity to share that voice you’ve been keeping for the shower!

CRS Sisterhood….. Use Promo Code: SISTERS
For a direct link to discounted tickets CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/2gq6mHQ

OR for more event information, go to http://www.marinjcc/ARTS and click on: “Sing the Beatles! with THE QUARRY PERSONS”.
To purchase tickets from this page:

  1. Click on the red “Tickets” button (this will take you to the Eventbrite ticket purchase page).
  2. Click on the green Ticket Button
  3. Enter Promotional Code (SISTERS)
  4. Then select the number of tickets.
  5. Complete purchase
For questions, please contact Heidi Paul, hpaul@marinjcc.org / 415-444-8089




WRS GOES TO THE MOVIES – Tues, 11/28 12:30

Date: November 28 at 12:30*
Where:  Rialto Theather in Sepastopol **

Join us:  “Family Commitments,” is a delightful romantic comedy that deals with the clash of generations, religions and cultures.

David and Khaled want to get married, but how smoothly can it go when it involves a homophobic father, a pseudo-orthodox Jewish mother and an unexpected pregnancy?

Order ticket: JCC Sonoma County


RSVP to Fanny Stein that you’re coming and how many people are in your group; we will try to organize a section of the theater to sit together.

* The theater serves salads and light fare.   If you wish to have a light lunch before the movie, please come at 12:00 instead of 12:30.

**This is not a “women only” event.  Feel free to invite anyone you wish.

For more info, contact Fanny Stein CLICK HERE

11/7 – Monthly Mah Jongg, 1-3pm – Temple Social Hall

Monthly open Mahj play is normally the first and third Tuesday of every month, 1-3 pm in Congregation Rodef Sholom’s Social Hall.  Bring your sets, your cards and your Mahj friends.  This month it is only on 11/7.

For more info contact Ruth, mahjlover@yahoo.com, or call 415-497-1924.

Comments From the Clergy

Dear Sisters,
The last 36 hours have been a whirlwind of checking in our congregants to make sure they are safe, reaching out to rabbinic colleagues and congregations to offer support, mobilizing the preparing of warm meals to our sister congregation in Santa Rosa, and helping to organize our own congregation to respond to this natural disaster.
Yesterday, we also learned that our dear Camp Newman, second home to so many of our children, was destroyed, engulfed by the flames. Truly, this loss is so devastating to all of us, but most particularly to our children, for whom a few years of rebuilding seem like a lifetime.
I want to offer you a few reflections in the wake of all of this tragedy and disaster-
1. Congregation Rodef Sholom is comprised of a group of fierce and mighty people who stand up to help, aid, give, donate, do, work, support, cook, bake, buy, drive, hug, cry, laugh, wash dishes, move bundles, open their homes, share clothes, and so, so much more. I have been overwhelmed in the most positive way with the generosity of our community and the strong desire we all share to be of service.  So proud- so humbled, and frankly, not surprised. I knew we would rise, and rise we have!!
2. The buildings may have been destroyed at Camp Newman, but Camp itself was not destroyed in the fire.  Camp Newman, is greater than the fire. It is made up of memories, people, songs, spirit, and so much more.  The Camp Newman spirit is alive and living in every person whom camp has touched.  It’s not going anywhere and will only continue to grow.  I keep reminding my grieving sons of this, that their beloved cabins and prayer
space may have burned, but their friends and the prayers are not going anywhere.
3. In the Book of Kings we read, “After the earthquake there was a fire, but God was not in the fire.”
It is clear that God is not in all of these natural disasters, but rather, God is in the loving and powerful response we have seen. After each of these disasters, from the hurricanes to the earthquakes, from the floods to the fires, humanity has shone so brightly and generously.
I am grateful and hopeful and heartened by the selfless response of our community and across the North Bay.
God bless,
Rabbi Stacy
(Written on 10/10/17)

A Note From Our President

Dear Sisters:

Sometimes we experience that sensation, feeling, semi-delusional experience called hope. It can come on like a wave, out of nowhere. It is always welcome, perhaps more so because it can be so unexpected. Although I am uncertain about the present, I have complete, full on confidence in our future. Every single time I have an interaction with our youth I get this “there’s hope!” rush. Listening to the beautiful 13 year olds chant Haftorah at high holiday services, attending any Bar Mitzvah or graduation. Poof, you are instantly enamored and feel good about the future.
When did teachers, doctors and dentists become 12 years old? You think to yourself, “now hold up, no way he/she is a real live doctor” but turns out they are! It is called -hope.
By putting our energy, resources and love into our own sons and daughters, our Rodef Sholom children and the children of our greater community we are participating in the most meaningful adventure, taking care of our future.
Here at Women of Rodef Sholom we are committed to supporting our children by raising funds for our religious school and camperships. We support Venetia Valley School right across the street. We raise funds for the SF/Marin Food Bank since so many families face food insecurity.  In past years we have donated to organizations fighting antisemitism on college campuses, Enriching Lives Through Music, a rigorous classical music program for students in San Rafael’s canal district and many other youth-focused organizations.
So please join us. You are welcome to volunteer at any of our events. Come to a board meeting, the first Tuesday of each month 7-9, JCC Library(December we will be in the social hall). In 5778 let’s celebrate hope with the Women of Rodef Sholom.

Susan Goldwasser, President WRS


Opening Tea
“Rabbi Stacy Friedman in conversation with Sylvia Boorstein”
A discussion about resilience in turbulent times.  How mindfulness can help keep us balanced when the world around us seems out of balance.
What a fabulous afternoon, attended by almost 100 people!  How timely the subject matter.  No doubt that the attendees left feeling uplifted, hopeful and certainly more connected to many others who feel as they do.  A great community building afternoon, with a wonderful High Tea as well.
CLICK HERE to see some “words of wisdom” from Rabbi Stacy and Sylvia
Yasher Koach and a huge thank you to Cynthia Boyd, VP Programming, and her team, for providing such a wonderful event.  


Thanks to Lucy Schneidman for hosting this lovely day wherein we learned, planned and connected.  By building relationships, we build a better Sisterhood.
 We are Stronger Together!
A discussion of the WRJ (Women of Reform Judaism) and WRJ PD (Pacific District) was held.
CLICK HERE to see the terms used by the WRJ.
CLICK HERE to see the resources offered by the WRJ to Sisterhoods.


Tragedy has now hit our own back yard. As you probably know by now, the fires have destroyed so much, including our beloved Camp Newman, second home to so many of our own children.  The devastation has been overwhelming and so has the response.



Enter your desired amount under “price per item”

Donations to go directly to support the Tikkun Olam fund



SAVE the DATE in DECEMBER – 12/19

with Parnow House Participation

We will be celebrating Hanukkah with the residents of Parnow House.  Come and eat a latke, have a nosh, spin a dreidel, and enjoy the evening with our next door neighbors.

Tuesday, December 19th  7:00 pm
Temple Social Hall

There is no charge for this event.  Come, have fun!

RSVP to Diane Amarillas (click here)
Questions:  Call Diane at (415) 871-1025

Comments From the Clergy

Dear Friends,

The crisp feel of the evening breeze, the coolness in the air, and the colors on the leaves of the trees are all evidence that our seasons are changing and we are headed away from the warmth of summer to the coolness of fall.  I am always attuned to the change of seasons, but especially aware of this one each year as we move from one year to another.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel teaches us about his concept of Radical Amazement.  He teaches, “Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement.  Get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.”

Each year, I find myself embracing this concept at exactly this point in the year as we move through our High Holy Day season.  In December, we move from the coolness of fall to the down-right cold.  We bring out our coats and boots, and we prepare ourselves for some serious weather (or in California, weather that is definitely colder than other times of the year).  In March, we move from the frigid winter to the spring, filled with drops of rain and perhaps some blooming flowers.  We put up our umbrellas and do some serious puddle jumping from one day to the next.  In June, we move from the rain to the warmth of summer.  We visit the beach, we travel with family, we sit around the campfire and we watch the sunset day after day.  And now, in September, as the coolness of the evening sets in and the leaves begin to change, we plant our seeds and prepare for a year of goodness and peace.

May we enter 5778 with open eyes, with a heightened awareness of our surroundings, and may we strive to live in radical amazement of this ever changing world each and every day.

May this new year be filled with joy, with light, and with love for you and yours.

Shanah tovah u’metukah!

Rabbi Lara

A Note From Our President

Dear Sisters:

Who is still feeling the glow after those marvelous High Holiday services? We are so fortunate to have such inspiring, soulful, musical, insightful clergy and congregants. We have each received immeasurable gifts. It seems like 5778 is going to be a good year, despite turmoil related to politics, weather or work, we have the solace of a strong community.

Women of Rodef Sholom has many wonderful events planned for the year. We hope you will join us. If you are not big on attending gatherings then meet us for coffee or a walk.

I want to personally invite you to our Opening Tea on Oct 8 at 3pm in the Social Hall, hear Sylvia Boorstein and Rabbi Stacy in conversation. Doesn’t that sound great?  All are welcome! WRS Members and those considering membership, men who might consider becoming “friends” of the sisterhood and those who have already joined us. Later in the month on Oct 21 We have the honor of hearing Leslie Brier, Women of Reform Judaism’s representative to the United Nations. Join us for Yoga on Oct 22. Games night playing Poker, Mahj and more on Nov 18th which will be an opportunity to JUST HAVE FUN! Take a look at our calendar and see what interests you.  Please contact us with your suggestions.  We are open to any and all ideas that will bring us closer, contribute to social justice, enhance spirituality and deeper connections.

On behalf of the Women of Rodef Sholom’s Board, I wish you all a peaceful, loving, sweet New Year.

Susan Goldwasser, President WRS



Each year the Women of Rodef Sholom help feed the hungry through our Holiday Dinner Drive project on behalf of the SF Marin Food Bank. 225,000 people in Marin and San Francisco rely on the food bank for meals.  Your donation makes a huge difference. At this holiday season, please make a donation today online at http://www.sfmfoodbank.org/dinnerdrive and select Congregation Rodef Sholom from the drop down menu or mail in your check payable to the SF Marin Food Bank to Congregation Rodef Sholom, Attention: WRS.

Please give generously
For every $1 you donate, the Food Bank distributes 3 meals


Volunteer at the Marin Food BankTuesday, Nov 7th 9 am-12 Noon

     The Women of Rodef Sholom will be volunteering at the Marin Food Bank. We have 12 volunteer slots to fill.  Please follow this link to register your attendance. http://volmarinfb.org/node/add/group-confirmation/46250
     Contact Jodie Silberman, CLICK HERE for additional information.  Email Jodie once you have registered for further instructions.  Please note close-toed shoes are required.  We look forward to providing service to our community and working hand in hand with our fellow sisters, friends and congregants.  The food bank warehouse is located at 75 Digital Drive in Novato.

SOCIAL ACTION Save the Date:

REST Shelter Dinner & Music – Wed, Dec 13th – Temple Social Hall

The Women of Rodef Sholom will be organizing and arranging a fabulous dinner, music, hospitality, love and support for our REST guests.  We can decide if we would like to cook as a group in the Mitzvah Kitchen, set, serve and support, and if we would like to ask some of our musicians to join us.

Let’s make a difference and offer an amazing night for these special men.  A small committee is being formed. If you are interested in participating, please email Jodie Silberman CLICK HERE.


Tikkun Olam is a core WRS value.
In that spirit, in OCTOBER, WRS has contributed to:

  • Tragedy relief efforts in:
    1. Mexico (Earthquake)
    2. Puerto Rico (Hurricane)
    3. Las Vegas (Gun violence)
  • Rodef Sholom Mitzvah Day Breakfast
  • Rodef Sholom Senior Luncheons
Thank you for your generous contributions!

10/22, 2:45 – 6 – Vin Yoga, Meditation & Gathering


Vin Yoga & Meditation followed by wine/cheese/nosh

Meet at:  Marin Power Yoga
141 Tunstead Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960

After Yoga, we will go to the home of Lucy Schneidman for wine/cheese/nosh and Sisterhood connections (address and directions provided at that time).

This event is new this year.   All levels of yoga ability are welcome.  We hope to see you.

Cost: $10
In the spirit of Tikkun Olam, the entire amount will be donated to current emergency relief efforts

Please Join Us at our Opening Tea

Please join the Women of Rodef Sholom at our Opening Tea

“Rabbi Stacy in conversation with Sylvia Boorstein”

A discussion about resilience in turbulent times.
How mindfulness can help keep us balanced when the world around us seems out of balance.

Sunday, October 8, 2017  3-5 pm
Rodef Sholom Social Hall

$18 for Members*
$36 for Prospective Members and Guests

*If you have not renewed your WRS Membership, you may do so at the door

Register & Pay

RSVP and questions:  Cynthia Boyd, VP Programming caboyd@sbcglobal.net